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DMC Threads in 2017
2017 NEW DMC 01

For 2017 there are some exciting new changes.
35 new shades are being added and some colours are being deleted to make a total range of 500 delectable colours.

Why add new colours to the DMC Stranded Cotton Range?

*   Because the world is changing and tastes for colours too.
*   Because the embroiderer today is not the same as yesterday.
*   Because DMC is listening to its customers, their needs, their notes about colours.
*   Because DMC colour range must be universal, timeless, while being current.

Missing in the range; Neutrals clear and dark, Browns, grey.      Inspiration:   INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE
2017 NEW DMC 02

Missing in range very clear,Invigorating Greens and Yellows      Inspirations;   WELLNESS,  SUNSHINE
2017 NEW DMC 03
Missing in the range, Delicate Pastels, Earth coloured oranges.   Inspiration:   FRESHNESS, SERENITY.
2017 NEW DMC 04

Missing in the range, Deep Purples, dark and intense Fuschsias    Inspiration:  ROYAL PRESTIGE, ELEGANCE
2017 NEW DMC 05

The new colours are numbered 01-35 and will slot in at the beginning of the range.
The 16 colours that will be deleted are 3880-3895.

The new colours will be available in NZ by November 2017.